Kindergarten teacher at St. Mark School

Hi Cary and Mary Ann,

This week, the kindergarten is working on a mindfulness writing

project.  Students are sharing and writing about their personal

experiences with mindfulness (what mindfulness is, how it helps,

and ways mindfulness can help other children).  It has been an

AMAZING experience listening to students share what

mindfulness means to them.  Their responses demonstrate a

deeper understanding of the practice, and I think it is because

ALL students have had the opportunity to apply it in their daily

lives in and out of school.  The practice has been well taught,

supported, and encouraged by all teachers and this is the result.

Today's responses were wide ranging and will be best shared in

person.  Cary, we will find time to share on Thursday.  Mary Ann,

please stop by any time to speak with the kids about their project. 

In the meantime...here is a sneak peek.  Chris is sharing about

what mindfulness means to him.  After we recorded this video,

Chris watched it and he very proudly said that his video could be

used to teach other kids about mindfulness!  SO AMAZING!

Thank you, Cary, for this wonderful gift!!!  

The K Team

First Grade Teacher at St. Mark School

Hi Cary,

Just had to share that we introduced our "take a break" spot today and we had

two kids (our two biggest chatters actually) go over of their own accord (!!!) and

take a break!  One was getting a little frustrated with coloring and just silently and

casually wandered over and back on his own and the other one actually wasn't

feeling well and ended up going home, but went to meditate first to make sure he

was actually sick (!!!). If this isn't proof that mindfulness is working, I don't know what is!

So excited for year two! :)

Andrea Wader - Parent

We met Cary nearly three years ago when my daughter was in preschool. At the time, I could only describe her as a mythical creature that could bring a calm and magical presence to a room of chaotic 3-4 year-year olds. Fast-forward to this past summer when my daughter (now 6 1/2 years-old) returned to her former preschool for Cary’s Mindfulness & Yoga Camp (K-5) for five days. This is the second year my daughter took part in the camp (she actually asked to do it) and she absolutely loved it. The word spread among our friends and former classmates and there were more boys in class this year which was really great too. Cary takes her practice very seriously and is eager to keep up on on all current trends in the world of mindfulness & yoga. I always look forward to hearing about her newest adventure whether it’s another certification course or a special retreat relevant to her teachings. I was not so familiar with the mindfulness world when she first came to teach classes in preschool and was curious as to how this could benefit the kids. The breathing and mindful exercises she taught them helped them self-soothe and slow down in the everyday lives to think through what they were doing and how they were doing it…right down to how they chew their food. My daughter came home and taught her dad and I all she had learned and we were so impressed. We love Cary so much that a group of our friends have talked about having her form a practice group for the grown-ups. I would highly recommend her. I have been fortunate in my life to have hand-picked those special people to surround me in my every day endeavors and through the difficult stuff life throws our way. Cary found me and I am so grateful she is part of our lives.

Shauna White - Teacher

Aloha Cary!! 

I just wanted to share with you that I am LOVING your yoga freeze dance implement! It is such an appropriate way to incorporate free movement with focused poses! I am definitely saving this for future ideas on how to expand on freeze dance and mindful movement in the classroom. I've been noticing some more intricate and unique dance moves in the afternoon, the children are carrying your influence throughout the day; so cool to see! 

Thank you for sharing. Thank you for being an example. Thank you for positively impacting the lives of children, families and teachers of whom you work aside. 

You are appreciated! 

Mahalo Nui, 

Shauna White