Our Message

Startwith3 offers instruction and workshops for children and adults in mindfulness, yoga, and health.  We are utilized by public, private, and independent schools.  We also serve other public and private settings.

We know these teachings provide a strong foundation to empower children and adults to move through their lives in a peaceful, centered, and healthy way.  We see our students having a tremendously improved ability to meet all of life's challenges with a sense of ease and resilience.  We find more self-kindness emerge, more focused presence emerge, and more appreciation for the ebb and flow of life.

These simple practices help us know and trust our own minds and bodies and the life around us in a deeper way.  It is our heartfelt intention to cultivate these qualities and watch them grow through the community, creating a ripple of positive effects.  We are grateful and privileged to bring these profoundly helpful practices to as many people as possible.